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Pacific Coast Beds "Ultimate Comfort" Package: Features the Grandia comforter - the ultimate Pacific Coast® winter warmth comforter. This package is designed for comfort and warmth for those very cold winter months. The Grandia comforter also features Comfort Lock™ construction. - Pacific Coast Beds


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Allergy Free Pacific Coast® Barrier Weave™ Comfort Lock™
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Pacific Coast Beds "Ultimate Comfort" Package: Our warmest and most luxurious Comfort Package Ever! We start off with the famous Baffle Box feather Bed, match it with a protective cover and offer you the Ultimate Down Pillow, The Slumber Core® Pillow - Made from only the finest White Goose Down & Luxury 300TC Cotton.

It Gets More Luxurious as we add in the super soft Egyptian Cotton Mattress Pad & for the final touch of quality, comfort and warmth, you have the Stratus® Premium White Goose Down Comforter in the Winter Warmth weight. (We also wrap it in a vintage soft duvet cover). This one is sure to keep you sleeping sound. That is why it is dubbed the "Ultimate Comfort Package" Good Night ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.....................

Pacific Coast® Stratus® Pacific Coast® Duvet Cover Pacific Coast® Feather Bed
Duvet Cover Baffle Box Feather Bed
Pacific Coast® FB Cover Pacific Coast® Slumber Core® Egyptian Cotton Mattress Pad
Feather Bed Cover Slumber Core Down Pillow Egyptian Cotton Mattress Pad
Pacific Coast Beds "Ultimate Comfort" Package Usually Ships In 4 - 6 Business Days
Pacific Coast Beds - "Ultimate Comfort" Full Size Package: Pacific Coast Beds - "Ultimate Comfort" Queen Size Package: Pacific Coast Beds - "Ultimate Comfort" King Size Package:
Qty (1) Full Size Baffle Box Luxury Feather Bed
Qty (1) Full Size Feather Bed Protective Cover
Qty (1) Full Size Egyptian Cotton Mattress Pad
Qty (2) Standard Size Slumber Core® Pillows
Qty (1) Full Size Stratus White Goose Down Comforter
Qty (1) Full Duvet Cover
Qty (1) Queen Size Baffle Box Luxury Feather Bed
Qty (1) Queen Feather Bed Protective Cover
Qty (1) Queen Egyptian Cotton Mattress Pad
Qty (2) Queen Size Slumber Core® Pillows
Qty (1) Queen Size Stratus White Goose Down Comforter
Qty (1) Qn Duvet Cover
Qty (1) King Size Baffle Box Luxury Feather Bed
Qty (1) King Size Feather Bed Protective Cover
Qty (1) King Egyptian Cotton Mattress Pad
Qty (2) King Size Slumber Core® Pillows
Qty (1) King Size Stratus White Goose Down Comforter
Qty (1) King Duvet Cover
Total: $893.50 Total: $978.50 Total: $1,102.50
Our Package Price Our Package Price Our Package Price
$848.00 $928.00 $1,048.00
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Allergy Free Warranty: Many people believe that they are allergic to down and feathers. Most of these people are only allergic to the dust, dirt and allergens some of our competitors leave on their down and feathers. Pacific Coast® down and feathers have been washed and rinsed with proprietary biodegradable cleaning agents developed especially for our down and feathers. So the dust, dirt, and allergens have been removed. Only Pacific Coast down is Hyperclean®. If not completely allergy free, you may return the product within 30 days for a full refund less actual shipping costs.

Superior Barrier Weave™ Fabrics: Pacific Coast's proprietary technique and quality standard involves tighter weaving and special finishing to create the most leak proof fabric available. Our products are woven tighter and are thicker to help prevent feathers from sneaking out.

Fine Quality Down Equals Fluffy For Life™: Fine quality down, the kind that is both fluffy and long lasting, is rare. It comes from mature birds, usually from cold climates. It's easy to buy the low-grade ordinary quality, but we purchase the down from the Hanauer family's age-old sources in Europe, Asia and North America. More than 20% of the down we receive is rejected or reprocessed. We clean, sort and process all of the down and feathers ourselves.

Comfort Lock® Comforters: Comfort Lock® Comforters are Lighter and Easier to Maintain. The patented three-sided border locks more down in place in the "sleep zone" area over the bed. So Comfort Lock comforters can be 30% lighter and do not require overfilling to compensate for the wasted down on the sides of the bed. They are lighter, more breathable and more comfortable in a wider range of temperatures. They are also easier to maintain, as they don't need to be redistributed as much as other comforters. (Open design comforters, like ringstitch or karo-tacks, allow much of the fill to shift and settle on the sides and at the bottom of the bed)

* Free Shipping To The Lower 48 States Only. We Reserve The Right To End Free Shipping At Anytime. Free Shipping Not Valid With Previous Orders. ©2008 - Reproduction In Whole Or Part Strictly Prohibited.